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Glass Fibre Flat Roofing Suffolk and Norfolk

Traditionally, flat roofs have used multiple layers of felt to make them water tight from the weather. This old fashioned system has always struggled to cope with extremes of heat. It deteriorates quickly and the overlap joints often lift, which eventually leads to leaks.

Unsightly stone chipping’s are often used to help protect the roof from the sun, but these can eventually block gutters leading to further problems.


Our state of the art roofing utilises Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) which is often referred to as Glass fibre. This creates a single seamless surface that is extremely durable and requires vertically no maintenance.

It is installed over moisture resistant tongue and groove chipboard with pre-cast edging and detail trims before the GRP is applied. This results in a seamless, flexible roof that allows for expansion movement. It is unaffected by sunlight, extremes of temperature and ultraviolet light. An optional non slip aggregate can also be applied.

In addition to flat roofing, the glass fibre can also be used on gullies and balconies. For total peace of mind, the roof and installation is fully guaranteed for 25 years using Lloyds of London registered products.