With the effects of Global Warming becoming more apparant we are all being asked to ‘do our bit ‘ to help the environment and all our PVC-U Windows and Doors are now more thermally efficient than ever before. The double glazed units are manufactured from planitherm glass that help to reflect the heat back into the room. The sashes feature high performance weather seals which help to eliminate draughts and the doors are fitted with insulated glazing panels.
For those wanting even greater performance we offer ‘A’ rated windows that can help to reduce heating bills by up to 40%.

These high performance sealed units are manufactured from planitherm glass and incorporate a warm edge super spacer bar and have argon gas infill that will help to keep your home warmer which will mean lower fuel bills and a small Carbon Footprint that will help to reduce Global Warming.

After many, many years service, all PVC-U frames and glass can be recycled for future use.

Some key points:

• Planitherm argon gas filled Double Glazing

• ‘A’ Rated windows as standard saving up to 40% off heating bills 

• High Performance weather seals and gaskets

• Insulated glazing panels

• PVC-U frames and glass can be recycled at the end of there life

• No annual painting that would require oil based paints